It Came From The Desert
A screenshot from the 1989's It Came From The Desert — Image: Cinemaware

If you owned an Amiga back in the day, chances are you know the name Cinemaware, the company behind titles like Defender Of The Crown, S.D.I. and Lords of the Rising Sun. Its games were deliberately cinematic in nature, showcasing gorgeous visuals and sound.

Another Cinemaware classic was It Came from the Desert, which was inspired by '50s B-movies and boasted a unique mix of puzzle-solving and action – all accompanied by some incredible visuals.

Sadly, the company went bankrupt in 1991, only to undergo something of a revival in 2000 when it was rebooted as Cinemaware Inc. by Lars Fuhrken-Batista. Even that 'resurrected' version of the company now appears to be dead, so we never got a proper successor to the original It Came From the Desert.

That's changing this year, as developer Tim Rachor has announced a spiritual follow-up called It Returned To The Desert, which hits Steam on February 15th.

It's billed as a turn-based tactical adventure set in the fictional town of Glint Rock. The player assumes the role of geologist Dr Mill as he attempts to discover why the settlement is being overtaken by giant ants. You'll need to recruit a team to fight the massive insects, equipping each member with a range of weapons and gear. Permadeath is also part of the experience, so if you lose a party member, they're gone for good.

"A large variety of characters and non-linear progression allow for great replayability," says the game's Steam page. "And a few mini-games and surprises mix up the experience every time. The game features a charming retro pixel art style and an atmospheric soundtrack, free saving and multiple difficulties. Even though the game looks like it's straight from the 90s, it boasts modern game design principles and no dead ends or overly high difficulty".