Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Evercade manufacturer Blaze has announced that Amiga titles will be coming to the format in 2023 "and beyond".

The good news was confirmed at the recent Amiga 37 event in Germany, and will see Amiga titles appear in Evercade's growing library of physical cartridge collections.

"Blaze Entertainment will be able to license and publish Amiga games from multiple publishers for Evercade," reads the press release. "At this time there is no public confirmation of which games and publishers will feature in Evercade’s quickly expanding home computer lineup, but work is already underway to bring high-quality Amiga games to Evercade in 2023 and beyond."

Andrew Byatt. Managing Director, Blaze Entertainment, had this to say about the news:

Home computing is something we’re passionate about at Blaze Entertainment and something we’re delighted to now be offering to our customers. This new partnership with Amiga opens up a huge realm of gaming history and nostalgia to our products. We’re excited to bring even more incredible games in the home computer space to our portfolio of licenses with the support of our new friends.

While some famous Amiga titles have already appeared on the Evercade – including titles like Sensible Soccer and Speedball 2 – these were based on the console ports, rather than the Commodore originals.

The Evercade line consists of a handheld – a new version of which, the EXP, is coming this Christmas – and the TV-based Evercade VS.