A500 Mini
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

A compact reimagining of the Amiga 500, the A500 Mini comes with 25 built-in games, including Alien Breed, Worms: The Director's Cut, and Zool. It's a fine selection, but what if you want access to even more of your favorite games?

Well, in the last year, a group of clever clogs has managed to put together a new workbench for the console that expands the library even further, letting you enjoy more "long and forgotten software" from days gone by.

AMiNIMiga comes with almost the entire WHDLoad package of software preloaded, including thousands of shareware and abandonware titles. This includes Amiga games no longer supported by their publisher; demos like Arte, Coma, Enigma, Hologon, JesusOnE's, and StateOfTheArt; and new fanmade ports of Doom, Duke Nukem, Heretic, and Wolfenstein3D. The project recently came to our attention again, thanks to ArcadeRen on Twitter, who posted about their experience with the mod.

AMiNIMiga doesn't just include old games and demos but programs too, like DirectoryOpus 4, ScalaMM, Final Writer, Eagleplayer, Hippoplayer, ProTracker, DeluxePaint, Brilliance, Real3D, Lightwave, Amos, AmigaE, and BlitzBasic. So if you're artistic sort, it also has you covered there too.

If you want to get it up and running for yourself and enhance your A500 Mini experience, instructions can be found on the AMiNIMiga website. The developer of the mod Jimmy Johansson is also currently working on an AMiNIMiga-RTG version that will be able to "use modern screen modes for 16:9 displays and 16million colors instead of 16 colors", per their Retro32 interview from earlier this year. That's in addition to Raspberry Pi 4/400 versions and versions for MiSTer, and PiStorm.

Do you have an A500 Mini? Are you going to try out this mod? Let us know in the comments!

[source aminimiga.com, via twitter.com]