Wrong Way Back
Image: Locked Door Puzzle

It's not every day we get a new Amiga CD-32 game, but as spotted by IndieRetroNews a developer named Locked Door Puzzle has just dropped a creepy escape room title called Wrong Way Back on itch.io for the platform.

The game is about a woman who finds herself trapped in a strange room and needs to uncover how she got there, how she will escape, and the reasons behind her confinement. Players will need to interact with their environment, to unlock these mysteries, interacting with weird symbols, switches, and headstones.

The description on the itch.io page from the developer reads:

"This game was made as an experiment in Amiga CD32 development and will need to either be burned to CD-R to be played on a real machine or used with an Amiga emulator with CD32 BIOS ROMs. If you're trying to use a standard Amiga you will need a game pad with 2 buttons.

"I developed this using AMOS Professional, which is simple game dev software for the Amiga. Though it's targeted at beginner it was quite capable and a lot of fun to work with."

It apparently works fine on the FS-UAE emulator, which is the emulator Locked Door Puzzle used to develop the game itself. A Windows version might appear at a later date, according to the developer, with this version likely set to be developed in Unity instead.

Are you going to check this out for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

[source lockeddoorpuzzle.itch.io, via indieretronews.com]