Image: Time Extension / Evan Amos

Developer Adam Gastineau has announced that his PC Engine openFPGA core for the Analogue Pocket has been updated to include support for SuperGrafx ROMs.

In case you weren't aware, the PC Engine SuperGrafx is a Japan-only system released in 1989. Intended to combat Sega's powerful Mega Drive console – which arrived in 1988, a year after the original PC Engine had launched in that region – the SuperGrafx offered only minor technological improvements over the standard model.

It had four times the amount of RAM for the main CPU, alongside a second video chip with its own dedicated video RAM. However, only six games were ever released for the console, and plans for a fancy 'Power Console' controller – complete with eight-way joystick, four action buttons, flight yoke, throttle lever, jog dial, LCD panel, LED indicator and numerical keypad – were shelved before production could begin due to the high cost (59,800 Yen / $410 USD) and the poor sales of the SuperGrafx system.

Despite being a commercial failure, the SuperGrafx is home to some decent games, including an utterly fantastic port of Capcom's Ghouls 'n Ghosts.

You can download the core here.