Final Fight Mike Haggar
Image: Capcom

If there's one thing that appeals to us more than watching old video game commercials, it's watching old live-action video game commercials. And as always, Twitter provides!

While scrolling through our feeds recently we came across the Twitter user @goegoezzz posting about the commercial for the Super Nintendo version of Final Fight 2 and we knew we had to find out more.

The video shows a live-action actor playing Mike Haggar beating up a bunch of thugs before turning to face the camera dramatically and transforming into an illustrated version of himself. This illustrated version of Haggar then flashes up again while a bunch of children play the game together on a monitor.

It's only brief, clocking in at 27 seconds, but we knew there had to be more, and we were quickly proven right. The footage seems to be taken from a longer in-store promotional video that was released on May 22nd, 1993, according to a user on the Japanese video site NicoVideo.

The catchphrase for the video was "I won't let you go alone" and it also features live-action portrayals of other Final Fight characters including Carlos Miyamoto and Maki Genryusai.

In the video, the three protagonists work together to beat up members of the Mad Gear gang as a group, with Maki's actress, in particular, showing off their athleticism in reproducing some of the in-game moves. The chorus of Ayumi Nakamura's pop song 'Midnight Hallelujah', meanwhile, plays in place of the game's soundtrack.

We did find one other video too, which includes some additional lines from Maki's actress, as well as a clip of Damnd and Sodom, two of the bosses from the original game.

What do you think of these adverts? Do they get you in the mood to play Final Fight 2? Let us know in the comments!