Aero GPX
Image: Aaron McDevitt

Aaron McDevitt, the developer of the anti-grav racer Aero GPX, has released a public demo of the game on Steam to coincide with the launch of the Kickstarter today.

McDevitt aims for Aero GPX to be a modern take on classic antigrav racing and is drawing inspiration first and foremost from titles like F-Zero X and F-Zero GX. You'll battle opponents, avoid obstacles, and use energy pads to replenish your health and 'boost' meter.

As of writing, the Kickstarter for the game has raised £15,000 towards its £64,000 goal, which is clearly an impressive start, but it's hoped the PC demo will nudge even more people towards backing the project.

The PC demo currently features one cup and five levels, including races called the Figure 8 Circuit, Super Cylinder, Triple Loop Speedway, Midnight Flight, and Thread the Needle. All of these put an emphasis on a different mechanic, with Super Cylinder introducing a tube-like level design, while Midnight Flight requires players to steer their vehicles through floating rings. According to its Kickstarter, if funded, the finished game will have 7 unique planets/locales, with each having its own grand-prix.

Aero GPX Pilot
Image: Aaron McDevitt

The finished game will also have over 30 distinct pilots, designed by character artist Norrie, but currently, these are unavailable in the WIP demo. Instead, the only customizability you'll find is the choice between five unique vehicles in various colours. These include:

  • The Crimson Strider - The closest to an all-rounder
  • Misty Lady - Has the fastest top speed
  • Silken Speeder - Better at sliding
  • Passion Kite - Superior at flying
  • And the Sunlit Warrior - Better at combat

If you want to check out the demo for yourself, you can head over to the Steam page and you'll be able to download it there. If you enjoy it and want more, you can also back the project on its Kickstarter to help bring it to life.

Are you going to try out the demo or back the project? Let us know below!