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Update [Wed 19th Oct, 2022 09:46 BST]: Following on from the news below, Jotego has also teased that a core for Sega's OutRun board may also be coming to the Analogue Pocket. In a video posted on Twitter, he showed some footage of OutRun working on the Pocket, though he says he still has some work to do on the roads.

The OutRun board was used for three games: OutRun, Turbo OutRun, and Super Hang-On. Jotego has said that he has split Super Hang-On into a separate core, however, because the sprite hardware "is way too different".

Original Story [Thu 13th Oct, 2022 12:00 BST]: The Analogue Pocket has seen a bunch of FPGA cores ported to the handheld ever since Analogue opened up its platform with the arrival of openFPGA in the v1.1 update. And it now seems like even more are on the way, with the Twitter user Jotego demonstrating a bunch of arcade cores working on the handheld device.

According to Jotego's tweets, he believes "all the cores I have at the moment will fit." This includes cores for Sega's System 16, Capcom's Ghost and Goblins board, and the CPS systems 1, 1.5, and 2.

He, however, clarifies that "We need a bit of internal testing before releasing them" as there could be problems not visible right after booting. Regardless, it will be something for Analogue Pocket owners to look forward to in the future.

Elsewhere, in the Analogue Pocket world, we recently covered that Pokémon Mini Support is also coming to the handheld. You can check that news story out here. Or you can read our guide on all the Analogue Pocket openFPGA cores and where to find them.

What arcade games would you be most excited to play on your handheld? Let us know below!

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