Super Zaxxon
Image: Sega

Limited Run Games announced on Monday (17th October) that it will soon open pre-orders for the Sega Astro City Mini V, alongside restocking the original Astro City Mini arcade.

What's interesting about this release of the Astro City Mini V is that it isn't just a rerelease of the Japanese version (as spotted by Gosokkyu). Instead, it will apparently contain an additional game not included in the original Japanese version: Super Zaxxon.

Sega's isometric shoot 'em up was released in arcades in 1982 - the same year as Zaxxon which was included in the Japanese model's video game library. It featured a new color scheme, faster ships, and a new dragon boss that appeared prominently in its marketing. Compared to the original, the arcade version of the game is much harder to find today, with one of the few rereleases of the game being on the Sega Genesis Collection for PSP.

This additional game likely isn't enough to get collectors to double-dip, but should you want to have the complete Astro City Mini V library it's looking like this may be the way to get it.

Pre-orders will open at 9am PDT/12pm EDT/and 5pm BST on October 25th. It will cost $159.99 and will be available from the Limited Run Games website.

Before you buy, we definitely recommend checking out our review from earlier this year of the original Japanese model. Like many others, we found it to have an amazing library, which was let down by issues with input lag.

Are you going to try and grab this mini-console? Let us know in the comments!

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