D: The Game
Image: Warp/Nightdive Studios

Limited Run Games has announced via Twitter that it will be releasing physical copies of the cult horror title D.

Developed by the Japanese studio Warp, D was an interactive adventure title released for 3DO, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and MS-DOS between 1995-1996. It featured computer-generated FMV cutscenes and followed a protagonist named Laura Harris as she investigates a hospital where her father has committed various grisly murders and taken several people hostage. The "digital actress" Laura (as Warp dubbed the lead character model at the time) subsequently appeared in two other games, including Enemy Zero and D2, where they played two different characters.

Back when it first came out, the original 3DO release of D was incredibly well received, with GamePro notably giving it an almost perfect score and praising it for its "good story" and "knockout graphics". Contemporary assessments tend to be more unforgiving, but most agree that it is a landmark title in the development of the 3D horror genre.

In 2016, Nightdive Studios re-released the MS-DOS version of the game for Steam and GOG, but now it seems you'll have the chance to own it on physical media. Physical copies are somewhat hard to come by today, so this might be the solution for those who don't want to spend their days refreshing eBay or other reseller sites. We'll keep you updated when pre-orders open.

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