MiSTer Case
Image: Eric Sorensen

There are plenty of different ways to enjoy classic games these days, and the MiSTer project is one of the most exciting.

Using FPGA technology, MiSTer delivers incredible accuracy with low latency input and covers a wide range of vintage consoles, computers, handhelds and arcade machines.

One of the coolest things about the MiSTer scene is that it's constantly evolving thanks to the efforts of the community, and one of the more interesting 'rigs' we've seen recently belongs to Eric Sorensen.

He's created what he calls the 'MiSTer Case', a box which not only houses the hardware but also comes with an array of controller ports, allowing you to plug in your original pads for a truly authentic experience.

Using the Checkmate 1500 Plus case as his starting point – and putting some 3D printing to good use – Sorensen has included ports for the Mega Drive / Genesis, Master System, NES, PlayStation and SNES, as well as two standard USB ports.

He runs through the entire process here.

[source esorensen.com, via hackaday.com]