Update [Tue 13th Sep, 2022 15:25 BST]: Nintendo has just confirmed that Radiant Silvergun is indeed headed for Switch. The news was revealed during the Nintendo Direct stream.

And the really good news? It's out later today.

Original Story [Thu 1st Sep, 2022 13:15 BST]: Radiant Silvergun is one of the most beloved titles from the legendary Japanese studio Treasure. Originally released on the Sega Saturn and Sega's Titan ST-V arcade board, it became something of an eBay darling thanks to its low production run and Japanese exclusivity, with copies of the Saturn edition changing hands for hundreds of dollars.

An excellent HD remaster on the Xbox 360 came a few years later, but the game remains in demand ā€“ so, when Treasure hinted that it was about to revive a much-requested title from its past, many speculated that Radiant Silvergun was the game in question.

We've now got a solid indication that this is indeed the case, as publisher Happinet has just announced its lineup for the Tokyo Game Show 2022 - and reference to Treasure's cult classic shmup has been found within.

Gematsu reports that 'unused images' have been found on the site, one of which is the Radiant Silvergun logo. No formats have been revealed as yet, but you'd imagine that Switch is a dead cert.

[source gematsu.com]