Xperia Play 2
Image: Time Extension / Evan Amos

Update [Tue 13th Sep, 2022 14:30 BST]: As was suspected, Sony's teased piece of hardware isn't another Xperia Play smartphone, but the 'Xperia Stream', a device which connects to the company's Xperia 1 IV handset via a USB-C port and comes with a range of connections, including a 3.5mm port, HDMI output, Ethernet port, and USB-C port.

The Stream also has its own cooling system, which users will be able to control via a 'Game Enhancer' utility. There's no word on pricing as yet.

Original Story [Fri 9th Sep, 2022 11:00 BST]: Remember the Sony Xperia Play? Dubbed by many media outlets the 'PlayStation Phone', it was Sony's attempt to bolster its smartphone arm with some much-needed brand awareness, but it sadly wasn't the commercial success it perhaps should have been. While a select few PS1 classics were made available for the device, it was mostly used as an emulation platform thanks to the large volume of retro emulators available on Android. We had one, we loved it, and we miss using it on a daily basis.

It would seem that we're not alone in wanting to see an Xperia Play 2 because a recent tease by Sony has gotten some fans hoping one is on the way. The company released a short video that hints at an Xperia product "made for pro gamers and streamers", due to be unveiled on September 12th at 13:00 Japan time. In the footage, a person is seen holding what appears to be a dedicated gaming handheld.

Predictably, the rumour mill started running, with some speculating that this could be another gaming-focused smartphone with physical controls. Others claimed that it could be another PSP or PS Vita. Sadly, it would seem that all of this frenzied speculation is for nothing, as the device is, in reality, a cooling system for Sony's Xperia 1 IV (seriously, what is it with smartphone names these days?).

As reported by, this peripheral was actually revealed back in May, when the Xperia 1 IV was first launched. You can see it in this video around the 21-minute mark; a Twitter user called Maestrotaku spotted the cooling system and joined the dots. The video even states that the cooling system was in testing as of May and would be delivered in the Autumn, so that lines up as well.

The PS Vita was a costly flop for Sony, and the company appears to be disinterested in returning to the portable gaming arena. It remains to be seen if the company that made the incredibly successful PSP will ever re-enter the arena.