Daemon Claw
Image: BitBeamCannon

We at Time Extension are huge fans of action sidescrollers, so when we stumbled across Daemon Claw: Origins of Nnar we just knew we had to find an excuse to write about it.

The game is a homebrew project from the folks over at BitBeamCannon, a small studio that is also developing the sidescroller CyberJack and co-developing the beat 'em up game Metro Siege along with Enable Software and PixelGlass.

It follows a warrior, whose village is attacked by a race of anthropomorphic creatures. After inheriting a powerful artifact known as the Daemon Claw from the village elder, he must set out across the open country to put a stop to the impending threat, punching his way through hordes of goats, owls, and other beasts of the land and air.

As the trailer for the game suggests, you won't just be challenging these creatures to a round of fisticuffs, but will also be able to use the power of the Daemon Claw to throw fireballs, send out shockwaves, and call down lightning from the sky.

The game is intended to release for Commodore Amiga and PC, with the website also teasing a Mega Drive version. There's no release date yet, but you can check out some cool videos of the game in action below to tide you over:

What do you think of the project? Is this something you'd be interested in trying out for yourself? Let us know!

[source bitbeamcannon.com, via youtube.com]