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Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (NTSC/PAL) / Super Famicom (JP)
Games Library: 1757
Released: 1990

This topic is for the discussion of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Feel free to discuss everything from your favourite games to general discussion around the console!

Personally this is probably my all time favourite console. I still have my original console and games, and still enjoy booting up a SNES game any day.

There was so many great titles. Super Mario World was truly the game that immersed me in the world. Donkey Kong Country was another banger. It felt like it had such a vast library of games for the time. Truly the golden era.

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May as well start this thread off with one hell of a bang.

As someone who adores Super Punch Out, I couldn't believe what I was reading when I found this on Twitter. You can even play it ONLINE with Switch's NSO! F******* WHAT!?

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I love it when things like this are discovered in old games.



The SNES probably has more of my all-time favourite games than any other console, but I think it might finally have been beaten by the Switch as the best console ever.

My top 10:

Terranigma (my favourite game ever)
Secret of Mana (I loved multiplayer with my bro')
Super Mario World (platforming perfection)
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (as for the Punch Out discovery above, I never noticed the pun in the DKC2 game title until it was pointed out about 25 years later, and I'm a massive pun fan)
Yoshi's Island
Tetris Attack (still my favourite puzzler to play, especially on vs mode)
Super Bomberman 2 (I don't think this was bettered until the Wii version)
Super Probotector: Alien Rebels (there's never been a better run 'n' gun game)


Yesterday (the 25th) was the 30th anniversary of the Japanese release of Estpolis Denki (Lufia and the Fortress of Doom, which was released in the US on December 4th).
The combat was a bit clunky (if in part because the core idea of the battle system seems to have been lost on the localizers, it seems it was designed with an equipment weight mechanic only given a particularly lengthy explanation in the Japanese manual). But the writing had much more personality than the typical SNES RPG (where more often RPG writing was still rarely going above dropping hints about what to do next), and some great music.



I should be getting my Analogue Super NT any day now, it's going to be good playing my old SNES games again particularly Chrono Trigger and a few other games that won't come to NSO for licensing reasons.

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Does SNES mini count?

I hear ZOV.

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