Panic held the first Playdate Update of 2024 yesterday and revealed a host of new games for the pint-sized handheld.

The highlight was the news that Lucas Pope (Return of the Obra Dinn and Papers, Please) is bringing his Mars After Midnight to the system on March 12th.

16 other new games were announced during the presentation, which we've listed for you below.

Mars After Midnight (Playdate)

The Off-Colony Community Support Center offers a wide variety of help sessions for qualifying Martians.

What // Session topics vary by day. Check local notices for details.
When // Sessions begin at 1AM. Registration & refreshments from midnight.
Where // AIRTIGHT Shipping & Receiving office (converted), East Central District.

Now hiring office staff to manage nightly registration & refreshments.

Faraway Fairway (Playdate)

Faraway Fairway is arcade golf game that is procedurally generated and you'll never play the same game twice! Explore and interact as you make your way to the goal and uncover secrets as you progress and complete your photo album!

As a mental health golf game, Faraway Fairway game is designed to be a relaxing pick up and play. Taking care of your mental health should be like a vacation that never ends.

What kind of secrets will you uncover as you play?

RowBot Rally (Playdate)

So you wanna enter the Fish Bowl — the biggest boat-racing event of the year. But! Evil RowBots have taken over the entire circuit, and the competition’s only getting worse. It's up to one bunny, and their scrap RowBot pal, to renew the sport's former glory.

You gotta Use the Crank™, tandem-row with a junkyard left-turnin' RowBot of your own, and put a stop to Robo-X, the evil-bot-making corpo-conglomerate. Can you win back the spirit of the Fish Bowl and, perhaps more importantly, that big golden trophy?

With a lengthy story mode, hand-animated cutscenes, on-line leaderboards, and more; RowBot Rally is the definitive top-down boat-racing game for Playdate!(Trust me, it's a competitive field.)

Midnight Raider (Playdate)

Your quest is to recover the power stones that were stolen from your hometown. Fight your way through enemies and creatures to find out what lies, not only in the depths of the forest, but discover the mystery of the power stones.

+ Beat 'em up play style
+ Attack combos
+ Acquire abilities such as roll, jump kick, and more
+ Use the crank for special game mechanics such as riding a bike and opening gates

The Scrolling Enigma (Playdate)

Solve riddles, decipher cryptic messages, and piece together the fragments of an elusive truth about my personal gamedev journey.

Unroll the newspaper and reveal the 7 gamedev enigmas through allegorical figures.

Use the crank to discover 7 enigmas. Solve each one by employing the appropriate interaction. The further you scroll, the more clues you'll uncover.

A one-hour unique escape game experience.

Tips: The newspaper is read in an infinite loop. Each loop rewards you with fresh clues, but you'll score fewer points. If you want a high score, try scrolling back and forth. Just know, it'll make things tougher and take longer but it will be way more satisfying.

Some enigmas are harder and some other are really simple.

Pay close attention to the messages you receive when you solve the puzzles. They have clues to help you find the latest code.

Be patient in the last enigma and take note if needed.

Echoes of the Emergent (Playdate)

In this Playdate-exclusive kinetic visual novel from the creators of Bloom, embark on a personal journey through a shattered post-apocalyptic world, where your pursuit for answers unveils the remnants of both a forgotten past and uncertain prospects for the future.

As Ayumi, confront fears, navigate the delicate balance between hope and despair, and immerse yourself in a captivating narrative that resonates with echoes of both resilience and vulnerability.

For Home (Playdate)

Can you make it home?

In "For Home", embark on an intimate RPG adventure through space and time designed exclusively for Playdate. As Satsuki, traverse star systems, gather resources on planets, and fight Sentinels in turn-based action combat. Caught between personal aspirations and distant connections, unravel Satsuki's heartfelt journey of loss, love, and self-discovery.

Escape the Arcade (Playdate)

Explore a casual escape room game!

"Escape the Arcade" is an interactive comic adventure packed with mind-bending puzzles to help you crack your way out.

Picture this: you're enjoying a casual afternoon at the arcade hall in the 1980s. You decide to try your luck with the crane claw machine, hoping to snag some teddies - what could possibly go wrong?

Suddenly, with a puff, you find yourself inside the machine, and to top it off, you've shrunk to the size of a teddy! The teddy bears, not accustomed to having humans in their domain, attempt to trap you.

Within the arcade machine, they've created a series of quirky worlds with mysterious, and adorable, puzzles for you to solve.

Embark on this nostalgic and absurd journey, immersing yourself in cool illustrations and cryptic riddles.

The game lasts 60-180 min. But take your time to enjoy the artwork – no rush!

Diora (Playdate)

A work in progress isometric 3D game for the Panic Playdate!

Sporestory (Playdate)

Sporestory is a humorous, weird RPG for Playdate. Explore the world as you meet unusual characters, rebuild a fallen village, and try to put a stop to the monsters, who recently showed up without warning to scavenge the world for its resources.

Shadowgate PD (Playdate)

In 2024, the original Shadowgate returns exclusively on the Playdate console as Shadowgate PD.

Shadowgate is one of the most well-known and beloved point-and-click adventure titles in gaming history. As one of the original titles in the popular MacVenture series that went on to be celebrated on the NES, GBC, and Nintendo 64, Shadowgate quickly endeared players with its fantastic atmospheric soundtrack, perilous locations to progress through, countless puzzles to solve, and more ways to gruesomely die than gamers previously thought possible.

Comet (Playdate)

A light-hearted puzzle adventure where you play as the exuberant Stella who confronts her fear of the dark to search for her brother.

After a world-changing event occurs before your eyes, your brother disappears in the middle of the night. You embark on a journey to follow his trail and find some answers.

Crank up the light on your lamp as you foray into the dark and travel across an island stirred by stardust magic.

Solve puzzles, collect trinkets, query islanders, and uncover the secrets of an island fascinated by the Comet.

The Whiteout (Playdate)

In the Spring of 2025, it started snowing. It never stopped. The Whiteout is an upcoming adventure game for Playdate from the developer of Post Hero, Generations, and Shift.

Solar Descent (Playdate)

SOLAR DESCENT is a WIP action-adventure game (playable tech demo available below) for the Playdate handheld console in the vein of classic The Legend of Zelda games combined with modern ideas found in e.g. Dark Souls and Hollow Knight.

SOLAR DESCENT features real-time combat, two attack buttons, on the fly switching of abilities, clever combat integration of the crank, elaborate menus and map systems.

Despite being made in Pulp, a simple but heavily limited game engine for uncomplicated adventure games, SOLAR DESCENT manages to squeeze a lot of gamey gameplay into a tiny, yellow package.

Eyeland 2 (Playdate)

A sequel to the Playdate favorite lo-fi adventure

What the Crow?! (Playdate)

Play as a little crow who is a little bit angry and a bit bitter. Why is he so angry and causing trouble? Find out in this smash and bash side platform game.

This is a short but sweet game and should take only a few minutes to complete. However, feel free to come back to beat your highscore and grab those combos!

Voidblazers (Playdate)

Fasten your seatbelts, prepare to engage thrusters, and launch into an action-packed space adventure with Voidblazers!

Voidblazers is a story-driven shoot 'em up game for Playdate, currently in development by Tijn & Jasmin. Join the crew of Icarus as they travel across the galaxy, battle various fleets, and encounter new friends and enemies on their daring mission.