Ninja Emaki

Nichibutsu's 1986 overhead action game Ninja Emaki (otherwise known as Youma Ninpou Chou in Japan) will be arriving on Arcade Archives on July 4th for Nintendo Switch and PS4 (as reported by Famitsu).

The game sees players take control of a young hero named Shinbei as they battle a demon army to rescue a kidnapped princess.

It features a mixture of vertically-scrolling shoot 'em-up-esque stages and run and gun-style levels and occasionally sees players collecting various scrolls to gain access to 8 additional forms of Ninja Magic. This allows players to improve their defense, unlock more powerful weapons, or gain additional ninja allies to act as assist characters.

As far as we're aware, it was never ported outside of the arcade, so this represents the game's first official release on a home console. You can watch a trailer below:

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