HD Remake Of Genesis Zelda Rival 'Soleil / Crusader Of Centy' Launches This Month 1

The Genesis / Mega Drive action adventure Soleil / Crusader Of Centy has been remade in 3D by a fan, and a demo will launch later this month.

Developed by @Mr_Badger, the soon-to-be-released teaser is an unofficial take on Nextech's 1994 Zelda rival, which was released under three different titles – Shin Souseiki Ragnacënty (Japan), Crusader Of Centy (North America) and Soleil (Europe).

"I preferred not to say anything until it was completed," said Mr_Badger on social media. "I can finally announce that Soleil HD will be published on July 30 on Itch. The next few days, I will try to polish and make a video/trailer."

The demo may even be playable in English:

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