Falcom's Popful Mail Is Coming To Nintendo Switch 1
Image: Falcom

The NEC PC-8801 version of Nihon Falcom's 1991 classic Popful Mail is coming to the Nintendo Switch as part of D4 Enterprise and Project EGG's ongoing "EGGCONSOLE" series, which sees classic Japanese home computer titles adapted for Switch.

The side-scrolling platformer was also released on the PC-9801, PC Engine CD-ROM, Sega CD, Super Famicom and Windows PC.

The Sega CD version is the only one to get a Western localisation, with Working Designs doing the heavy lifting in this case. Originally, there were plans to turn it into a Sonic side-story.

Here's the description from the game's official page:

A comical bounty hunter's adventure begins in a world of swords and magic. The definitive slapstick action RPG is here! This is a side-view action RPG released by Nihon Falcom in 1991. The player takes on the role of Meiru, a female bounty hunter, and sets out on an adventure to track down Material Horn, a great magician who has been put on a bounty.

In the game, players progress by using weapons and projectiles to attack, as well as jumping, but there are also puzzle elements such as pushing blocks to create footholds to advance, which will surely entertain players in every way possible.

In addition, if you add companions to join you on your adventure, you can change the playable character and fight anywhere, anytime, and there are also tense battles with boss characters at key points.

The game will be released on July 11th, 2024. As with other EGGCONSOLE titles, there's no English localisation, but Popful Mail isn't a text-heavy RPG, so it's less of an issue in this case.

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