Atari Lynx
Image: @SongbirdPro

Songbird Productions announced earlier today that it will be rereleasing Super Asteroids & Missile Command for the Atari Lynx.

These two games, in case you never owned a Lynx, are essentially enhanced versions of the classic arcade coin-ops Asteroids and Missile Command, featuring updated graphics. They were originally released on a single cartridge back in 1995, and are frequently cited online as the final game that was published by Atari for the handheld platform before it was eventually discontinued.

According to Songbird Productions' announcement, this upcoming rerelease will feature all-new cover art. This appears to be loosely modelled after the original artwork but contains a bit more of a vaporwave twist to give it a retro-futuristic feel.

Pre-orders will open on July 8th and will cost $79.95. Copies are expected to ship in August. No store page is currently live on the Songbird Productions' website, but we'll update this story once it goes up.