New "Pedestrian Mod" Turns NiGHTS Into A 3D Platformer 1
Image: Sega

While it has since gone down as one of Saturn's best games, it's easy to forget that NiGHTS into Dreams was greeted rather coolly by some sectors of Sega fandom back in the day – mainly because it was a game by Sonic Team that didn't feature Sonic.

Thankfully, those same disappointed punters can turn NiGHTS into something a little closer to a traditional Sonic outing via this new patch by @memory_fallen – released to mark the 28th birthday of the game.

"I've made a patch to give players a new challenge: the PEDESTRIAN MOD turns the game into a 3D platformer, where you control Elliot and Claris with some extra abilities," says the modder, who has a history of tinkering with Saturn games and giving them a new lease of life.

"Early previews hinted at more 3D platforming - maybe you needed to hunt for NiGHTS?" adds memory_fallen. "In the final game, if you're playing well, you barely walk around as Elliot / Claris at all. I've given Elliot and Claris some upgraded abilities to make playing as them more fun. Their speed and acceleration are boosted significantly, and if they hit an obstacle, they don't get knocked down.
In their dreams, they can also do Sonic-style spin attacks."

You can grab the patch here.