Update [Mon 1st Jul, 2024 10:00 BST]: The always-brilliant Macho Nacho Productions has gone hands-on with Shalx's ModXO Xbox modchip, and you can view the video above.

Original Story [Tue 12th Mar, 2024 15:05 GMT]: A new Xbox modchip is in development which promises to be one of the most powerful options on the market – as well as one of the cheapest.

Modchips allow users of classic consoles to perform all kinds of cool tasks, such as loading up homebrew apps and removing regional lock-outs.

This particular example is the work of a modder by the name of Shalx, who has been working on a Raspberry Pi Pico-based modchip.

These boards cost "around" five bucks, making this a cheaper option than most other modchips. Shalx has released footage of the setup running custom OS Cerbios as a proof-of-concept.

This new development has seasoned engineer and modder Voultar excited, which is usually a sign that the project is worthy of your time and attention.

"Arguably the most powerful Xbox modchip will cost you around $7," he says on Twitter. "A modchip that's based on the RPi is deep in development and it's looking incredibly promising!"

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