New Xbox Exploit Allows You To Hack Your Console With Just A Memory Card 1
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

A new exploit has been discovered for the original Xbox which allows you to hack your console using nothing but a memory card.

"ENDGAME is a universal dashboard exploit for the original Microsoft Xbox," reads the exploit's GitHub page. "This exploit has been carefully engineered to be compatible across all retail kernel and dashboard versions released for the original Xbox. It does not require a game, or even a working DVD drive — only a memory card."

The exploit "targets an integer overflow in the dashboard's handling of savegame images" so that when the dash attempts to read the specially crafted image stored on your memory card, ENDGAME is able to execute its code.

The vulnerability was discovered by @shutterbug2000; the exploit was then developed by @gaasedelen "leveraging an adjacent vulnerability that offered greater control and facilitated a more ubiquitous exploitation strategy."

However, ENDGAME on its own isn't enough to 'softmod' your console – but its existence "will make softmodding significantly more accessible as the community integrates it into existing softmod solutions."