AntStream Now Allows You To Stream 1,300 Games To Your iPhone And iPad 1
Image: AntStream

Retro game streaming service Antstream is now available on iPhone and iOS, bringing with it legal access to 1,300 classic games covering platforms such as the SNES, Amiga, Neo Geo, ZX Spectrum, Mega Drive and more.

The service is already available on Xbox, Windows, Android, Amazon devices and certain smart TVs, and uses a cloud-based system to stream games directly to the subscriber's device of choice.

AntStream's library includes the likes of Art of Fighting, R-Type, Pac-Man, The Chaos Engine, Double Dragon, Pong, Metal Slug, Worms, Super Star Wars, Turrican, Bubble Bobble and many, many more – and the system has built-in leaderboards and achievements. AntStream also holds regular themed challenges based around particular titles.

AntStream requires a subscription to access, which can be paid either monthly ($3.99) or yearly ($29.99). The catch for Xbox users is that it's not currently possible to connect your Xbox-based AntStream account to a standard one – so you'll effectively need two subs. However, AntStream has said that it hopes to address this issue in the future.