Neo Legend Antstream
Image: Antstream Arcade/Neo Legend

The retro cloud gaming service Antstream Arcade has partnered with the French arcade designer and manufacturer Neo Legend to produce four new arcade cabinets on which to experience its vast library of over 1500 video games.

These arcade cabinets will be available in Compact, Classic, and Vizion designs and will feature the original arcade controls, access to Neo Legend-exclusive tournaments, as well as a one-year premium membership to Antstream Arcade (which typically costs £39.99). This means you'll be able to play arcade classics like Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Galaga, and Mortal Kombat, as well as licensed titles from Disney, Warner Brothers, Taito, Atari, and Bandai-Namco, all from the comfort of your very own cabinet.

Also, just in case you're wondering, Antstream Arcade is free, albeit ad-funded, so once your subscription runs out, you won't lose access to your games, but might have to put up with some annoying marketing every now and then.

The CEO of Antstream Arcade Steve Cottam wrote in a press release about this partnership:

“Antstream Arcade has always been a driving force behind the preservation of games. We give gamers around the world free access to over a thousand games from the arcade era and beyond, making the games of the past more accessible than they’ve ever been before.

"But we know that there are plenty of retro fans out there that want to experience these games in a way that is as close to how they were originally released as possible. These machines are a love letter to these retro fans, combining the best of gaming history with modern cloud gaming, and we look forward to working with Neo Legend to make this a reality.”

In addition to these new machines, the partnership will also see Antstream Arcade arrive on Neo Legend’s “Neo One” home arcade cabinet, which is currently accepting pre-orders here.

We must warn you, though, it is definitely going to be a pricey one. The cheapest model will set you back around €1749.83, which is roughly around £1,535.50, at the time of writing. This base version comes with Japanese buttons on the cabinet, Switch, and PC compatibility, and an Antstream premium subscription, but lacks the optional Neo Game System. It's expected to ship on January 2023, and we'll keep you updated on when the other cabinets are available!

What do you think of the above? Is it something you'd want to buy into? Let us know in the comments!