Mini Capcom Cute Mini
Image: Retro Game Restore

Recently on Twitter, the account Retro Game Restore posted several pictures of a miniaturized version of the Capcom Cute Mini, built by their friend Retro Daily. And it honestly looks so good that we wish it was a real product that we could buy online.

The Capcom Cute Mini was an arcade machine that was originally released in 1991, primarily for kids. This explains its small stature, with the machine standing at just 1300mm in height. Retro Daily's build, however, goes even smaller than that at only 547.6mm tall.

The body is made up of three metal cases, an acrylic panel and display cover, as well as a screen mount, key lock, and LCD screen. This LCD screen is roughly 15-inches wide and displays in a 4:3 aspect ratio.

According to their tweet, Retro Game Restore has been trying to convince his friend to release it as a kit that you can rebuild at home, and that sounds like a fantastic idea to us. Though, speaking to Retro Game Restore, it seems like there are still some decisions for both of them to make before this becomes a reality.

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