Street Fighter 6
Image: Capcom

The M. Bison update has just been released, bringing the famous dictator to Street Fighter 6 as part of its Season 2 DLC.

However, as Capcom recently revealed in its latest patch notes, it isn't the only new addition to the game for older fans of the series to get excited about.

The developer has also announced that is has added 6 iconic sound samples to the game, which are taken from Street Fighter, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, Ultra Street Fighter IV, and Street Fighter V.

As demonstrated in a video on the Street Fighter Twitter account, these can be selected using a new sound menu under the "challenger screen customization" tab and will change the audio that is played during the new challenger screen before online matches.

It's a neat new feature and one we can imagine will be a welcome addition for the more nostalgic players in the Street Fighter fanbase.

Which sound will you be picking?