Radiant Silvergun On Saturn Just Got A Major Fan-Made Update 1
Image: Treasure

Sega Saturn classic Radiant Silvergun has been patched in order to bring it closer to its modern-day ports in terms of features (thanks, Sega Saturn Shiro).

Developed by Alex “trap15” Marshall, the patch has taken a year to produce and adds in the Ikaruga-style chain scoring system that was present in the Xbox 360 and modern-day ports of the game.

In addition to this, Marshall has also added a "Special" scoring system which mixes up the original game's system with the one from Ikaruga.

But that's not all; the patch also introduces a two-button playstyle which had previously been exclusive to the arcade version of the game, which ran on Sega's ST-V Titan board. In this mode, there are only three weapons, rather than the seven included in the original version.

The patch also brings with it the ability to access the Option+ menu right from the start.

This makes the Saturn version of the game one of the most feature-complete offerings on the market – although it obviously still lacks the HD visuals seen in the other ports.

You can download the patch here.

[source segasaturnshiro.com]