We're a bit late to the party on this one, but we've just seen Polygon Bird Games' upcoming Steam shmup Birdcage in action, and we're very impressed indeed.

Described as "an arcade-style, vertically scrolling shooter" in which you "shoot, slash and weave through countless bullets and enemies," Birdcage has a visual style which seems to be inspired by Treasure's iconic Ikaruga, yet its sword-based mechanic feels like it was taken from that game's spiritual forerunner, Radiant Silvergun.

"The RADON and SELENE fleets are about to engage in all-out war in low-Earth orbit," reads the synopsis on Birdcage's Steam page.

"You are a Pilot of the Radon Fleet, awoken from your Training Stasis by an unexpected emergency call. The unknown caller urges you to destroy your own fleet from within, using your prototype ship β€” the HALCYON. To prevent war and escape the Birdcage, you must take down the RADON DAUGHTERS, a Special Unit of the Radon Fleet β€” and your own Sisters."

In addition to Birdcage, Polygon Bird Games is also working on the JRPG-inspired Eco Breaker.

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