Duck Hunt GB
Image: Tiger Bronnikov

If you've ever wondered what it might have looked like if Nintendo had made a version of its 1984 shooter Duck Hunt for the Nintendo Game Boy, then you need to look no further than Duck Hunt GB โ€” a new homebrew game from the developer Tiger Bronnikov (thanks RetroDodo!).

Duck Hunt GB is a brand-new game that is currently available for free on It takes the basic concept of the original Famicom/NES game and adapts it for the Nintendo handheld with new graphics and some slight alterations to the design. This includes replacing the Duck Hunt Dog with a crane, borrowing the timer mechanic from Track & Field's Skeet Shooting event, and redesigning the controls to work without a lightgun.

In order to play, players will use the d-pad to aim, with the screen being divided into a grid. They can also press B to shoot, as well as push A in order to reload their gun. The goal is to shoot 40 ducks to complete each round, with the game featuring 3 regular rounds and 3 bonus rounds in total.

The game is the second title from Tiger Bronnikov to be released in what they are now calling the "Primitive game collection", with the developer also publishing a single-screen platformer called ALLEY(WOW!) earlier this month. Bronnikov teased that they are currently planning more titles in the series, but exactly what these are is still a mystery.

You can download Duck Hunt GB here if you fancy giving it a try.

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