Duck Hunt Gets An 'Enhanced' Remake For The Amiga 1
Image: marggines

Duck Hunt is one of those iconic games which helped illustrate the worthiness of a particular piece of hardware – in this case, the NES Zapper.

One of the first light gun games to achieve fame and fortune in the home, its instantly accessible gameplay meant that anyone could play; the premise was easy to understand – point the gun and shoot – but there's a surprising amount of skill involved regardless.

While Nintendo has paid tribute to the game in titles such as WarioWare and Smash Bros., no sequel was ever made – but if you're feeling the need to scratch that Duck Hunt itch, then you might want to check out this enhanced remake for the Commodore Amiga home computer.

Homebrew developer marggines has just released the game's 1.2 update (thanks, Indie Retro News), which introduces a new start-up screen, redesigned clouds and a shaded background. The catch is that there's no light gun support at the moment, so you have to use the mouse.

It has been confirmed as working on the Amiga 500 (2 MB chip) with PiStorm, the FS-UAE emulator, the A1200 (with 8MB of Fast RAM) and the A500 Mini micro-console.

This is the second port of the game to Commodore hardware; back in 2022, it was ported to the C64.