Chromatic Is A FPGA-Based Game Boy Handheld 1
Image: Mod Retro

The Analogue Pocket appears to have some more competition via the Chromatic handheld, which runs Game Boy and Game Boy Color carts via FPGA emulation.

Equipped with the "world's only 160x144 pixels sunlight readable backlit display" which is protected by "super scratch-resistant sapphire front crystal", the Chromatic comes in a magnesium alloy shell, which will surely give the device a premium quality.

It also has "ultra-durable PBT buttons" and video-out via USB-C. As well as running original Game Boy and Game Boy Color carts, it will also run its own dedicated physical games, too. It can run off x3 AA batteries, but an optional rechargeable battery pack will also be made available.

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey is involved with ModRetro, the company behind the Chromatic. He founded ModRetro Forums in 2009.

Luckey had this to say:

Creating the ultimate retro handheld console has been my passion for nearly seventeen years. The ModRetro Chromatic is my tribute to the form, technical excellence, and cultural impact of the beloved handheld device. With features like a sapphire cover for its custom LCD with identical pixel structure to the original device, and full compatibility with every Game Boy title and accessory, the Chromatic is the first heirloom quality piece of gaming hardware; it’s a masterpiece designed to last for decades. Despite my work in virtual reality and defense technology, my roots are in retro gaming. The Chromatic brings back the simplicity and joy of classic gaming.

Palmer will be appearing alongside Tetris creator Alexei Pajitnov and Henk Rogers at a special event at the Pasadena Convention Center on Friday, June 7th, during the Socal Gaming Expo.

The Chromatic will cost £158 and comes with Tetris for Chromatic. It's expected to launch this Christmas.