This Game Boy Won't Fit In Your Pocket 1
Image: Arnov Sharma

While there have been more pocket-friendly handhelds since the launch of the original Game Boy back in 1989, there's no denying that Nintendo's monochrome portable did much to advance the rise of mobile gaming when it launched, giving players the chance to properly game on the go for the first time ever.

Portability has been at the heart of the Game Boy line ever since, as well as Nintendo's subsequent DS, 3DS and Switch families – but modder Arnov Sharma has decided to take the opposite opinion, creating the monstrously large Game Boy XL.

The device contains a Raspberry Pi 5 and boasts a bespoke 3D-printed case. "As you can see, this is no ordinary handheld console," says Sharma. "It is thick and broad, slightly huge, and one hell of a chonky boy."

This Game Boy Won't Fit In Your Pocket 2
Image: Arnov Sharma

If you fancy building one of these yourself, then Sharma has helpfully listed everything you'll need here.

However, he does point out that there are elements he's not happy with, such as the distribution of internal weight, the screen and the fact that there's no battery indicator at present. "This project was successful overall; however, there were a few issues that needed to be fixed for the next iteration," he concludes.

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