Star Wars And Stellar Assault Dev Is Working On A New 3D Space Shmup 1
Image: SIMS

When it comes to space-based 3D shooters, Koji Tsuchida has a pretty strong pedigree.

He worked on the Sharp X68000 title Star Wars: Attack on the Death Star back in 1991, and would return to the genre with Shadow Squadron (1995) on the Sega 32X and Stellar Assault SS (1998), a sequel for the Saturn.

Tsuchida is returning to this game style, as he has announced on social media that he's working with an old colleague on a brand-new 3D shmup (thanks, @gosokkyu).

"I'm making a game with the programmer of the X68k version of STAR WARS," says Tsuchida. "I don't know what will happen yet though, lol"

The pair are only a month into development and are taking things slowly for now, but it's already looking interesting. Here's hoping we get to see more of the game soon.

On the topic of Star Wars: Attack on the Death Star, the game is important because it helped defeat one of Sega's most bone-headed patents. It also features arranged music from the legendary Yuzo Koshiro.