Castlevania's "Ultimate Glitch" Has Been Discovered 1
Image: Konami

The world of speedrunning video games has never been more active. With decades of titles to choose from, players are competing to find the fastest possible way to finish the most famous examples – and this often involves finding glitches to skip sections of the game and obtain the best time.

Castlevania is no exception; released almost 40 years ago on the Famicom Disk System, Konami's vampire-slaying classic has attracted plenty of speedrunners, and one of them has just found the game's "ultimate" glitch.

SBDWolf‬ recently found a way to warp to the end credits from the game's tenth level (that's almost its halfway point) and thereby slash the speedrun record nearly in half.

The glitch involves Arbitrary Code Execution (ACE, for short), and YouTuber Karl Jobst has done an excellent video which shows the process in action – and it all starts with a staircase glitch in level ten.

It's well worth a watch and makes you realise why some of these glitches remain hidden for decades – the actual process of triggering them is so incredibly random that it's little wonder it takes so long to unearth them.