This Burning Rangers Fan Is Remaking The Game In HD 1
Image: @andreasscholl09

Burning Rangers is hands-down one of Saturn's best games, and it's a real shame that, since its release back in 1998, we've never seen a sequel or even a re-release โ€“ despite Sega saying it is open to the idea.

Rather than wait, developer Andreas Scholl decided to take matters into his own hands with Burning Rangers Tribute, an unofficial project which aims to give the 32-bit classic a modern-day lick of paint.

Initially released back in 2021, Burning Rangers Tribute has been in active development ever since. Not only does it offer HD visuals, it improves the frame rate and cleans up the visuals, even adding additional effects to make things look even more appealing.

The footage below is from 2021, but Scholl has been sharing more recent footage on his social media account โ€“ including some lovely-looking fishes.

You can download the demo here; you'll need a copy of the original game to run it.

Released on Saturn towards the end of its lifespan, Burning Rangers is the work of Sonic Team and was directed by Naoto Ohshima and produced by Yuji Naka.

Thanks to John Szczepaniak for the tip!