Image: Hudson Soft

Remember Kororinpa? The cute Nintendo Wii title from Hudson Soft was released back in 2006 in Japan (and 2007 in North America and Europe) and saw players using motion controls to guide a small marble through a bunch of increasingly difficult mazes.

It wasn't necessarily the deepest game in the Nintendo Wii library but ended up generating a small following — enough for its developer/publisher to make a sequel in 2009 (under the title Marble Saga: Kororinpa).

Something that you might not know about it, however, is that in the same year that Hudson Soft first brought Kororinpa over to the West, the company also released a little-known port of the original game called Chokkan!! Kororinpa for i-Mode-compatible phones in Japan. This version of the game was available to buy and also came preloaded on certain models of phones (such as the N905i) but in recent years has become a piece of "lost media" as i-mode downloads have been shut down and old feature phones containing the title have been scrapped and replaced.

Thankfully, though, a user named unabandonware has recently managed to successfully track down and preserve a copy of the title on an old N905i, meaning it is now available again.

This news comes courtesy of a recent tweet from the SciLabSecrets project lead RockmanCosmo, who we previously interviewed about the state of feature phone game preservation earlier this year. The game is available to play via DoCoMo's official DoJa 5.1 SDK emulator and can be controlled either with motion controls or with a keypad.

If you fancy giving it a go, you can find the emulator instructions here. We also recommend joining the Kahvibreak Discord to keep up to date with the latest news and gain access to all the most recently discovered games.