The Dreamcast Version Of Dead Or Alive 2 Has Been Unofficially Remastered 1
Image: Tecmo

Dead or Alive is a series which has deep ties with Sega hardware.

The original arcade game from 1996 actually runs on Sega's Model 2 arcade board and got its first domestic port on the Sega Saturn. While it would later be released on the PS1, the sequel once again used Sega hardware in the arcades, running on the NAOMI board.

This meant a port to the Dreamcast was fairly easy, and when Dead Or Alive 2 arrived on Sega's 128-bit console in 2000, it was seen as a system seller by some fighting game fans.

A truly impressive demonstration of the console's power, it is even considered to be superior to the PS2 version of the game, which was apparently rushed to market to meet the system's launch date.

Fast forward to the present day, and modder Esppiral V is working on a remaster of the game which makes the Dreamcast version even better.

The mod includes improved textures on characters and clothing, enhanced faces, expanded stage geometry, improved floors, additional environmental effects (such as reflections and light bloom) and levels which weren't previously available in the Dreamcast port.

Amazingly, it's possible to play this mod on original hardware, although it looks best when played under emulation.

You can see how they compare in this side-by-side video: