3DS capture cards certainly aren't a new thing, but they've only recently become as elegant as Loopy's USB-C capture kit.

Once installed, the only evidence this sleek mod is present is the USB-C port on the top edge of your New 3DS XL – a far cry from the first capture card we personally experienced, which was fitted to the original 3DS model and required a replacement of the bottom section of the console, such was its size.

The catch? The installation of this mod isn't something you'll want to take lightly.

As you can see in the Macho Nacho Productions video at the top of the page, some rather drastic modification is needed in order to make room internally for the capture card.

Macho Nacho Productions also point out that, while it works brilliantly and is a great solution for those of us who need to capture 3DS and DS footage, there aren't a lot of other realistic use cases for this. Sure, if you like playing your 3DS games on your work monitor, then you can do that – but the resolution looks rather rough when blown up in size.

Still, when it comes to 3DS capture options, this is easily the best available right now. You can find the kit here.

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