Mystery Show
Image: Scratching Post

Originally released back in 1998, the Game Boy Camera has continued to be surprisingly popular with creators in recent years — despite its limitations — with the latest example of this being a spooky new Game Boy point-and-click adventure called Mystery Show that acts as a tribute to the classic Nintendo accessory (thanks RockPaperShotgun for the spot!).

Developed by Scratching Post — who previously released the Game Boy Camera Gallery back in 2022 — the game sees players take control of a journalist who is tasked with reporting on a local art exhibition that is happening within a haunted mansion owned by a strange raccoon. After a short introductory scene, which sees the character arrive at the location, players are then set loose to explore the mansion at will, with the main story having them chase a mysterious ghost through its many rooms to track down a stolen photo.

As they explore the house's interior, players will be able to examine their surroundings, which include various creepy Game Boy photographs lining the walls. These photos are the work of over two dozen Game Boy photographers, with players being able to examine these pictures to take a closer look or scan a QR code that links to each artist's website or social media.

The game is currently playable for free in browsers on, but you can also download a .gb file to play it in your emulator of choice, on the Game Boy Color, or on the Super Game Boy for the SNES. There's also a physical version available, too, which comes on a glow-in-the-dark cart with a DS-style clamshell case and costs $45.

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