Super Nintendo Tripod Mount
Image: @ChrisGraue

Despite being released back in 1998 and there being a widespread selection of other more capable cameras available, the Game Boy Camera is still being used today by a variety of artists. So it should probably come as no surprise that there are also people out there who are still making clever new accessories for the camera.

The most recent example of this comes courtesy of the director, musician, and video game fan, Chris Graue, who recently teamed up with the 3D print/design enthusiast Drew Van Oort to unveil the totally ridiculous but delightfully charming Super Nintendo Tripod Mount over on his website (thanks PetaPixel!).

This is a 3D printable camera mount that allows users to attach a Super Nintendo (with a Super Game Boy and Game Boy Camera inserted) into a wide variety of professional tripods, to capture video footage from the old accessory without having to balance the console on books, boxes, or whatever else you have lying around.

It's not exactly something we imagine many people have been clamouring much for in the past but is a playfully inventive solution to an incredibly specific problem facing those who still use the camera regularly.

Worth noting is that this isn't the only project of Graue's to feature the Game Boy Camera in the past. Back in 2020, he posted a quick tutorial on TikTok showing how to use the Game Boy Camera as a webcam, and also later took advantage of the camera when filming the music video for his Ska band Lo(u)ser's 2021 track "Things are Getting Worse". Both of these are well worth checking out!

If you feel like owning your very own Super Nintendo Tripod Mount, you can grab the 3D file here.

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