Game Boy Mini Camera
Image: @thegameboycam

Last year, we reported on Chris Graves' excellent 'Camera M' mod, which redesigned the Game Boy Pocket exclusively for the use of the Game Boy Camera. Well, now it appears like Graves is back at it again, this time creating a miniaturized version of the Game Boy Camera that is the same size as a regular Game Boy cartridge (thanks RetroDodo!).

Graves unveiled the project yesterday (June 29th) on Twitter, announcing that he had managed to reduce the size of the overall PCB and had integrated the sensor into one all-in-one board, using hobbyist Martin Refseth's flashable camera schematics.

The board was then fitted inside a 3D-printed cart with a custom-printed label, allowing it to be comfortably inserted into the back of a Game Boy Pocket. According to Graves' tweets, the camera takes advantage of an iPhone XR lens array and sticks out just 1.5mm from the cartridge itself.

Inevitably, because the camera is connected to the cartridge, it loses much of the maneuverability of the original (which had a head that could rotate 180 degrees).

Nevertheless, it's amazing to see just how compact and stylish Graves has made the Game Boy Camera, with it being the perfect size to fit comfortably into a jacket pocket while still being plugged into the handheld device.

It's sadly not for sale on Graves's store at the moment, but if you have the skills you can create your own with all of the necessary files currently available on his GitHub.

We also recommend giving Graves a follow on Twitter and taking a look at some of his other projects on his website if you find this one particularly interesting.

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