2BitToy Camera+
Image: 2BitToy

The Game Boy Camera might seem like a bit of a joke by modern photography standards, but it was a pretty innovative piece of kit back in the day – and, in recent years, we've seen it come back into fashion as Game Boy fans find new and ingenious ways to keep it relevant.

One such example is the 2BitToy Camera+, a custom, 3D-printed shell which allows the use of CS lenses with the Game Boy camera (thanks, RetroDodo). As the name suggests, it's the brainchild of 2bitboy, a designer who has made something of a name for himself via his Game Boy Camera snaps.

You can download the STL and STP 3D file sets for 2BitToy Camera+ here for a very small fee, and create this shell yourself. If you lack a 3D printer, you can obviously send the files to someone who can print it for you.

[source retrododo.com]