It still bums us out that Sega released the Game Gear Micro and not a full-size replica of the original handheld packed with classic titles.

While the Micro remains a cool little trinket, it wasn't the ideal way to experience the system's catalogue – and the fact that you had to buy multiple Micros to get the entire selection of games was a pain. Oh, and did we mention that it was Japan-only? Gah.

Thankfully, one modder has atoned for Sega's sins by producing an unofficial, modern-day take on the Game Gear. Built using a combination of a reclaimed shell, new components and a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, Jeff Geerling has created the ultimate tribute to the iconic Game Boy rival. And what's more, this device is capable of a wide range of games, not just those developed for Game Gear.

The case was sourced online, while Geerling utilised John Maddison’s Zega Mame Boy – a Game Gear modding kit designed for use with Raspberry Pi – as the foundation of the mod. Throw in a new screen and buttons from Hand Held Legend, and you've got a seriously nice piece of kit.

The only thing missing is a better power source; this modded system continues to rely on AA batteries.