Irem's Air Assault And Dream Soccer Now Playable On MiSTer FPGA 1
Image: Irem

FPGA developer Martin Donlon has just released a new core for MiSTer FPGA, which covers Irem's M107 arcade hardware.

The successor to the M92 board, the M107 offers an additional playfield and twice as many colours and sprites, making for more visually impressive games – but sadly, only three titles were ever produced for it.

These are 1993's Air Assault/Fire Barrel, Data East's 1994 sports title Dream Soccer '94 and Jaleco's 1995 release World PK Soccer.

While it's a pretty low hit rate, Air Assault/Fire Barrel is a seriously polishing vertically-scrolling shmup which has arguably been overlooked in recent times, and this is the perfect way to rediscover it.