Anbernic has revealed the pricing of its GBA-style RG35XXSP, and it's less than many of us were perhaps expecting.

The company has said the clamshell device will cost $59 (plus shipping) when it launches – but there's no solid indication of when that will be as yet (EDIT - now we do! It's May 22nd).

However, units are already trickling out to reviewers, so it surely can't be long before this device goes up for sale to the general public.

You can check out the full specs below.

Anbernic's GBA-Like RG35XXSP Is Cheaper Than You Think 2
Image: Anbernic

A close match to the iconic GBA SP, the RG35XXSP is capable of running pretty much every console up to the Sega Dreamcast. It has a 3.5-inch IPS screen, 8 hours of battery and MicroSD card support.

Keep your eyes on Anbernic's site for more details regarding the system's launch date.