Handy PS2 Camera Tool Lets You Have A Good Look Around The Console's Best Horror Titles 1
Image: Atlus

The PS2 is home to some amazing horror games, including Rule Of Rose, Silent Hill 2, and Kuon.

If you're a fan of these titles and want to learn a little more about how they're so effective in scaring you witless, then you might be interested in trying out PS2 Cam Acolyte, a new Windows-based tool which allows you to fully control the in-game camera in a limited number of these titles.

"This is a lightweight Windows exe for using camera hacks and other cheats/debugging tools on PS2 games running on the PCSX2 emulator," reads the game's GitHub page. "Just run ps2_cam_acolyte.exe while playing a game in PS2, connect a second controller and use it to fly the camera around, enable/disable lighting, etc."

Support is "currently focused on PS2 horror games (in particular early prototypes) and will expand over time," adds the developer. "Every game supports a free cam mode, but some games have other cheats or debugging tools such as disabling shadows or pausing gameplay."

Here's the full list of currently supported titles:

  • Kuon (Aug 2nd Prototype)
  • Rule of Rose NTSC UC
  • Silent Hill 2 (Director's Cut) EU
  • Silent Hill 2 (July 13th Prototype)
  • Silent Hill Origins NTSC UC

The same developer has also produced their own horror title, Withering Rooms. You can try out the demo on Steam now.

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