Sunset Riders
Image: Konami

The Mega Drive / Genesis port of Sunset Riders isn't everyone's favourite version of the classic 1991 arcade game, due to being the less faithful of the 16-bit conversions. But, just in case you have a particular fondness for the port, we're here to bring you some pretty exciting news.

Almost 32 years after the Western-themed Run 'n Gunner was originally released on the console, the ROM hackers BillyTime!Games and spkleader have got together to introduce a simple S-RAM saving mechanism to the title to record your high scores. This means you can finally keep a tab on your best playthroughs to screenshot and share with your friends.

According to the description for the hack, how this works is that the game will prompt you to enter your initials after you die, with the scores saving shortly after as you return to the title screen. Then, once, you boot the game up again, your scores will automatically be loaded. If the checksum fails, or if it's your first time playing, a bunch of default scores will be loaded up instead.

Want to give it a try? You can download it now from either or