Virtual Boy Emulation Is Coming To Apple's Vision Pro 1
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Apple recently relaxed its stance on emulators on its iOS devices, and for this reason, emulation has become something of a hot topic lately.

Now, one of the leading FPGA developers out there has announced that they're working on a Virtual Boy emulator for Apple's expensive Vision Pro AR headset, a function which is already available on the rival Meta Quest series.

"I'm working on my Virtual Boy emulator for Vision Pro," says Adam Gastineau, the person behind the Analogue Pocket's PC Engine and Game & Watch FPGA cores. "I've run into some strange issues where the emulator is not performing deterministically (which it should), specifically on Vision. I have to track down some kind of memory bug that may be in the compiler that I introduced."

Introduced in 1995, the Virtual Boy is one of Nintendo's most notable hardware flops. A table-mounted headset with no motion-tracking capabilities, it tried (and failed) to get the public interested in stereoscopic 3D imagery.

Despite its poor commercial performance, there are several notable games which remain exclusive to the console, including the excellent Virtual Boy Wario Land.