Mystic Warriors
Image: Konami

Konami's ninja-themed classic Mystic Warriors is this week's Arcade Archives release, as spotted by Famitsu. It will be coming to both the Nintendo Switch eShop and PlayStation 4 on December 21st.

Developed by the same team behind Sunset Riders, Mystic Warriors was originally launched in Japanese arcades back in 1992, with an international release happening just one year later.

Unlike a lot of other games that Konami ended up releasing around this time, it never received a home console port, and as a result, it has become something of a hidden gem in the company's back catalog. Fans have long been hoping it would eventually turn up on Arcade Archives at some point, and it seems they've finally got their wish just in time for Christmas.

The game sees players pick a character from a cast of five ninja warriors, before embarking on a quest to defeat the evil organization Skull Enterprise, which is intent on taking over the world.

It can be played solo or with three friends and is best described as a cross between a run 'n gun and a hack 'n slash, with the main characters being able to fire an endless supply of throwable weapons or use their melee item at close range. There are also various power-ups players can collect, including food to replenish their health, different coloured orbs to grant temporary abilities, and valuable items to add to their overall score.